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Ever-changing market conditions and strategies require supply chains to be reliable, responsive, and flexible. Expeditors’ Supply Chain Solution teams take it one-step further with sophisticated modeling, optimization, simulation, and data analysis tools that provide visibility to the potential of your supply chain in order to provide a competitive advantage. The Supply Chain Solutions group is comprised of experts in all aspects of supply chain management, data analysis, and modeling, who devote their time to helping customers extract higher levels of performance from their supply chains through a broad range of projects.


Supply chains are filled with twists, turns, and surprises. Expeditors’ order management professionals pay keen attention to the details at every point in the supply chain to ensure seamless service from door to door. From global sourcing and transportation to customs and distribution, Expeditors brings order and product-level visibility throughout the supply chain, along with key milestone management to help you track order status.


Customized solutions to control and reduce risk. In a world that is unpredictable and perilous, supply chain risk is unavoidable. Effectively managing risk is a critical part of the global supply chain process and our Risk Management professionals specialize in helping customers understand and address vulnerabilities through customized solutions based on their unique requirements.


The order delivery expectations of consumers around the globe continue to grow, giving rise to omni-channel inventory strategies. From same-day delivery to stringent retailer compliance requirements, with an increasing need for customized value-added services, today’s warehousing and distribution operations require a multi-channel approach to order fulfillment.


Our global network and consistent processes allow customers to depend less on their own infrastructure and fixed assets, better managing supply chain costs in a world of increasing customer delivery demands. We share our customers’ goals of reducing handling and storage costs, increasing facility throughput and reducing lead-times. Bypassing fixed distribution sites through customer direct channels can unleash significant value across an enterprise.


To meet the increasing demands for product customization and delivery compliance, our global network of facilities and value-added warehousing services helps our customers reduce their global inventory footprint of finished goods. Expeditors’ value-added services range from simple to complex, enabling a variety of logistics delivery models that improve customer service while mitigating inventory and transportation costs.